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This methodology was used to determine active OC in different sample sets from long-term field experiments.
In both the survey and field experiments, Acquisti and Fong detected less bias based on the sexual orientation of the candidates.
Our field experiments were conducted on a 2-ha area of mowed pasture bordered by second growth deciduous forest and shrubs in Henningsville, Berks County, Pennsylvania, USA (40[degrees] 27' 53" N, 075[degrees] 40' 07" W).
Field experiments showed the hybrid grass halved water run-off compared with some existing grass varieties.
Based on data he obtained in these field experiments, he established methods to estimate curves of the received field strength and service areas with respect to distances in the range of 1-100 kilometers in 1968.
The results are compared to field experiments," Trostl explains.
Recently, field experiments have been introduced as a research tool in studying public goods provision and charitable contributions in economics.
Field experiments Hussain AbdulHussain, in his comments, said: "The association with the College of Agricultural & Marine Sciences is a very proud moment for Haya Water.
With the support of the programme in NCARE, farmers have started organizing themselves in order to carry out field experiments, train other farmers, and interact effectively with research and extension.
Field experiments and empirical evidence show that poor people often make choices that are inconsistent with their long-run welfare.
Field experiments were conducted at Canning House Bay (CHB), a half-moon-shaped embayment of Chesapeake Bay in the Rhode River.