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This archaeological data was shown to permit an analysis of the form and disposition of features in the context of field fortification doctrine, documented accounts of combat in the area and the terrain and landscape setting (Passmore & Harrison 2008).
Engineers built bridges, reduced minefields, breached wire obstacles with bangalore torpedoes, and used demolitions to destroy concrete and steel field fortifications and pillboxes.
The author Hess, concludes his installments on field fortifications of the Civil War with this volume depicting the Eastern Theater in the Petersburg Campaign.
Rottman's SOVIET FIELD FORTIFICATIONS 1941-45 (9781846031168, $16.
The German Eighteenth Army, the closest to Leningrad, took advantage of the hiatus to build the Rollbahn position, field fortifications along the Leningrad-Moscow highway (Rollbahn), 25 miles behind the bottleneck.
Lee taught Scheibert the value of temporary field fortifications after Gettysburg.
Originally designed and Army-tested for bomb blast protection, RDFW can serve as a direct replacement for sandbags in a wide variety of field fortifications, including standoff blast protection, artillery emplacement shelters, bunker wall construction and vehicular barriers.
According to a statement, Javelin boost direct-fire capability against armored vehicles, buildings and field fortifications.
At the tactical level, the German main effort focused on dislodging the French Army from the massive field fortifications that served as strongpoints.
Acknowledged as the most significant development in field fortifications since the Second World War, HESCO Mil units have become a key component and benchmark in force protection throughout the world and have been used by military organizations including the U.
Over the last several decades, a suite of shoulder-launched munitions (SLMs) has been fielded to provide Soldiers with the capability to defeat light armored vehicles, bunkers, and other field fortifications.