field of interest

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With his new résumé Jake now has a chance to be seen as a competitive candidate in his field of interest and he is going to rea[euro]'launch his search, with never-before-felt enthusiasm and confidence that he has put on hold for 5+ years.
The polysemy problem is solved by using the second graph in which terms are connected to other terms not in the desired field of interest (i.
These guidelines include researching a field of interest to applying for an internship.
Then, the students were asked to brainstorm about what they knew regarding alternative careers within their field of interest or to consider if they actually knew anyone in their career of interest who could shed light on their concerns.
The chamber maintains a full schedule of events designed to keep members informed of developments in their field of interest and provide opportunities for them to meet with other business people.
The Ventura County Regional Occupational Program provides a direct link between completing high school and finding work in a trade or field of interest, said Peggy Velarde, the program's director.
A donor also can set up a fund for a specific purpose or area of concern and direct the field of interest to which the income from the gift will be applied.
The donor can also elect to establish an endowment in a community foundation, choose the name of the endowment and direct the foundation to apply proceeds from the endowment to a particular charity or field of interest.
Donors can establish endowed or non-endowed funds including: Donor Advised Funds; Designated Funds; Field Of Interest Funds; Agency Endowments; Scholarship funds; and Discretionary Funds.
He shared his ideas about how to use Twitter more efficiently, how to track thousands of Twitter messages a day, how to follow a specific field of interest automatically and how to use RSS wisely to keep yourself up-to-date.
How much Franciscan teachings influenced the work of Dante has grown into a significant field of interest, with scholars seeking the mysterious and fascinating linkages between such as Saint Bernardino's image of the sun and Dante's ideas behind the Pentacostal gift.
The graduates will be involved in a 10 month work-based learning project matched to their own field of interest and the employer's objectives.