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When you insert this biological fight-or-flight response system into today's high-stress, high-pressure work settings, it's no surprise that intense, inappropriate emotional reactions often result.
Solomon's work at UCLA found people who said nothing when they were deliberately provoked underwent a rapid emotional spike - a fight-or-flight response - that caused decreased activity in the body's front-line of defensive immune cells, while those subjects who asserted themselves showed no significant change in body chemistry.
Unfortunately, the body's traditional fight-or-flight response to stressful situations seldom offers the best way to deal with the problems we encounter daily in modern times.
The classic psychological theory of stress was based on the fight-or-flight response.
First, a brain region called the amygdala detects "danger" and emits nerve impulses that switch on your fight-or-flight response (see p.
Depression is a state of arousal - the fight-or-flight response is active in depressed people,'' said Chris Strychacz of the University of Missouri, Kansas City.