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Xylanases are very important chemicals and secreted by variety of microorganisms, including bacteria, yeasts and filamentous fungi [4,5].
9%) of yeasts, while filamentous fungi contributed a minor portion (2.
2015; Zhu, Shi, Jiang, & Liu, 2015) and filamentous fungi (Abrunhosa, Paterson, & Venancio, 2002; Varga, Peteri, Tabori, Teren, & Vagvolgyi, 2005).
This process was positively correlated with pH increase; water activity; filamentous fungi, yeast and clostridial spores count; and negatively correlated with the presence of lactic and acetic acid, and nitrate concentration.
Filamentous fungi for production of food additives and processing aids.
Thus, this study reveals that heavy metal contaminated soil of industries might be considered as a precious natural source of the resistant filamentous fungi.
Filamentous fungi were screened for the Potential to secrete L-asparaginase activity based on Media alkalization upon extracellular hydrolysis of L-asparagine and release of ammonia.
Xylanases have been produced by a variety of microorganisms, including filamentous fungi and bacteria (Knob and Carmona, 2010).
In recent times the incidence of filamentous fungi such as Aspergillus spp, and to a lesser extent Mucor spp and Fusarium spp, has increased.
Cytoplasmic dynein and actin-related protein Arpl are required for normal nuclear distribution in filamentous fungi.
The isolation from walls and bottom of a shrimp pond in La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS), Mexico was conducted in order to determine the pathogenicity of isolated strains of filamentous fungi that implied a potential risk in shrimp farming success.