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Metadata caches allow fast access to file attributes, and they will eliminate disk accesses as long as the data is in the cache.
Statistics are gathered on file attributes such as: (1) file names, (2) file sizes, (3) file creation dates, (4) file modification dates, (5) access control attributes, and (6) number of images.
By greatly expanding its suite of credit file attributes, ScoreNet Service will enable subscribers to further refine their strategies for decreasing customer delinquencies, increasing balances and building stronger customer relationships, according to Ron Totaro, vice president of global scoring solutions for Fair Isaac.
Zip archives that preserve Macintosh specific file attributes, such as the resource fork, while at the same time preserving 100% compatibility with Windows-based PCs.
To improve backup speeds, the product automatically determines the best available data-transmission protocol to use based on file attributes.
The dates and times in the file attributes showed that they were deleted immediately before Richard's attorneys saw the computer.
I was frequently annoyed that the Windows 95 version of Explorer would not display the file name with its proper case, nor would it show the file attributes.
The heavily-censored 30-page file attributes the drugs accusation to an FBI source, although it notes the claim "was not substantiated by this bureau".
Sixth graders know a lot more about directories and file attributes than we give them credit for.
The user can view, copy or delete files, change file attributes, dates, or times, open an application, and create batch files from within SuperFind.
StorageX also uses a project-based approach to ensure that all CIFS shares, NFS exports, security permissions, and file attributes are migrated correctly.
According to the company, Compleo Archivor facilitates automatic storage of business critical documents, including outgoing invoices, orders, delivery notes, quality certificates or HR employee documents, in the PDF format, while maintaining the original file attributes that are necessary to meet legal and regulatory compliance standards.