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Live Editing The collaborative file viewer allows users to review files without the need to save copies locally on devices.
PC file viewer -- the PC file viewer included with the Solaris operating environment allows customers to view and copy text from PC files.
In addition, the HW300T retains key features available in other LG LED portable projectors such as a built-in file viewer compatible with Microsoft Office's format, making it equally suitable for business applications.
Information Management -Core features an HTML 5 file viewer for office documents and media.
This particular group of developers has yet again managed to uprise to a level higher of its own benchmark with the launch of the E01 disk image format file viewer application.
The file viewer displays and compares text files such as source code, scripts, web pages and program output.
Networking features, such as Windows[R] Network Projector, Windows Remote Desktop, Image Express Lite and Office File Viewer, are designed to make wired or wireless connections simple.
Coverflow technology; users can peruse reports by scrolling through a 3D file viewer without ever having to click on the report
Kdan Mobile also revealed its plan to update PDF Reader - (File Scanner, File viewer, File Storage) designed for iPhone and iPod touch in late September, providing full functionality of its iPad counterpart.
An internal text viewer and graphic file viewer are also part of the package.
As the successor to the world's most popular document viewing solution, Picsel File Viewer, Picsel Smart Office also delivers new ways in which users can engage content on their mobile device.
It also acts as an AudioNote file viewer, allowing our users to share their fully synchronized notes with colleagues who otherwise haven't used the app.