Filed for bankruptcy, purchased car that needed major repairs

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Country: United States of America
State: California

I went thru a bankruptcy and went to a car lot to purchase a new used vehicle. After being yarned down one of the lots' salesmen pulled me aside and said that he had a vehicle for sale. I owe $2000.00, the car needed major repair before I could drive it one mile. I was told that it was an excellent car before I purchased it. Now, on the 18th of each month he calls and harass me until the first of each month. I've informed him of my pay date and my work schedule, yet he still calls daily. I have not missed a payment and no where on his handwritten bill of sale does it say the the payment is due by the first of the month. What can I do to stop his annoying harassment?


You could threaten to return it and sue in small claims for fraud, false advertising etc.
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