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A tactic used by a legislative representative to hinder and delay consideration of and action to be taken on a proposed bill through prolonged, irrelevant, and procrastinating speeches on the floor of the House, Senate, or other legislative body.

A filibuster is stopped by cloture, a legislative procedure that enables a vote to be taken on the proposed measure.


noun attempt to obstruct legislation, blockage, cunctation, delay, delay in legislation, dilatory obstruction, hindrance, impediment, interference, obstruction to congressional action, prevention of congressional action, protraction, retardation, retardment, stalling, stoppage
See also: delay, detain, forestall, hold up, procrastinate, prolong, protract, restrain, stall
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Nor, finally, does the history of actual institutional practice provide solid support for an entrenched filibuster rule.
While the vote to change the filibuster rule was controversial, one thing is certain: Nothing will improve in the industry if nothing is done to move critical appointments ahead.
The filibuster is not the only source of that institutional status quo bias, but the other obstacles lie in constitutional arrangements and are nearly impossible to alter.
The traditions of the Senate are simply too powerful, and the value of the filibuster as a device to ensure consensus and protect intensely-held minority views is clear to both parties.
"What has their filibuster gained my Republican colleagues?
Constitution more than two centuries ago introduced a (60-vote) filibuster to have greater and broader consensus on issues rather than the majority party having a steam-roller clout.
filibuster poses the "most troubling countermajoritarian difficulty
Nature abhors a vacuum, and the modem Senate filibuster has created one at the heart of our Constitution.
Not only would invoking the "Nuclear Option" set a precedent that would surely come back to haunt them in the future, but it would also jeopardize the filibuster in general, removing one of the few tools the minority has for forcing compromise.
"This will be the first and last partisan filibuster of the supreme court," Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on the Senate floor, accusing Democrats of trying to inflict political damage on Trump and to keep more conservatives from joining the high court.
The filibuster began on Tuesday and had continued around the clock for more than 115 hours by Sunday afternoon, making it the world's longest, according to the Kyunghyang Shinmun newspaper.
The draft needed the vote of 60 to overcome the filibuster.