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BADGE. A mark or sign worn by some persons, or placed upon certain things for the purpose of designation. Some public officers, as watchmen, policemen, and the like, are required to wear badges that they may be readily known. It is used figuratively when we say, possession of personal property by the seller, is. a badge of fraud.

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At the end of the monitoring period, perhaps a month, a densitometer is used to measure the optical density of the filter images on the film badge and determine the amount of radiation to which the film was exposed.
We have heard earlier, in the briefing film, that film badges will be worn to determine the amount of individuals' radiation exposure, and "you'll be moved out in time to avoid sickness.
In addition to film badges worn at the collar level, nuclear medicine technologists also wear ring badges to measure radiation dose received as a result of handling radioactive materials.
They even said the film badge must have been issued to me as part of a simulation exercise.
And he has now quit as voluntary adviser to the Scouting Association on their film badge examination.
The film badge cannot measure exposures less than 10 mR.
In diagnostic radiography, approximately 95% of the radiologic technologist's film badge readings are directly related to radiation exposures received during image-intensified fluoroscopy and portable radiographic examinations.
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