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This agreement builds on the already strong relationship between GE and Fina Enerji.
Proceso tiene copia del acuerdo en el cual todas las partes reconocen que el 15 de julio de 2015, cuando se firmo el contrato para que Guadalajara se convirtiera en la ciudad sede del Mundial de Natacion, quedo asentado que en caso de cancelacion se pagaria a la FINA la multa de 5 millones de dolares.
Kuwari continued: "Hosting the FINA Championships has been a longstanding dream of Qatar and we are committed to hosting a spectacular edition of the event, which will showcase the very best of aquatic sports and capture the attention of new athletes and new audiences, helping aquatics to grow and develop in a new region.
In its first year, Sera Fina purchased 5 tons of Barbera from Martella, 10 tons in the second year and each additional year he has purchased nearly the entire Barbera vineyard, between 13 and 20 tons.
De acuerdo a los analisis por tamizado de las 67 muestras se obtuvo que, 26 son limos, predominando los limos arenosos de grano grueso a medio, y 41 arenas, predominando las arenas medias a finas, seguidas de las arenas finas (Figura 4).
Well, I can say that it is going to be great aquatic environment because there will be FINA Congress, convention, seminar for coaches and swimmers, a gala dinner and exhibition, apart from the World Championships.
Therefore, FINA wrote a letter to the US Masters Swimming (with copy to US Aquatic Sports and USA Swimming) requesting not to accept the entry of Mr Lance Armstrong in the above mentioned competition.
Donovan and Fina are administered by Timothy Donovan, Ms.
When the results fail to meet her desires, Fina makes a pilgrimage to Spanish Harlem and the home of Tata Victor Tumba Fuego, "Master of Fire.
A statement from FINA said Matson's death followed "the surgery he underwent during the last days of the 14th FINA World Championships in Shanghai", although no further details were disclosed.
After Alirezaei dropped out, FINA accepted his explanation, even though many pointed out that Alirezaei had dropped out of an Olympic meet in 2008 when he was about to face an Israeli.
The international governing body of swimming, diving, water polo, synchronized swimming and open water swimming, FINA, the sponsor of the Saudi Arabia water polo tournament regulations say that the top team of each 6-team group goes to the final and the second two top teams compete for the 3rd and 4th position.