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Final diagnosis was reached by malignant EUS-FNA cytology for malignancy (due to its high specificity), malignant post-surgical histopathological examination, and followup of both benign lesions not indicated for biopsy and EUS-FNA benign cases for at least 12 months with no progression of the disease.
The demographic data including age, gender, and clinical data including history of injection, stool results and final diagnosis (polio, non-polio enterovirus, traumatic injection neuritis, GBS and an unknown group) were expressed in terms of frequencies and percentages.
In the detailed evaluation considering diagnoses, the most common final diagnosis was sarcoidosis (40%).
The same type of analysis was also applied to measure the agreement between the reviewing pathologist's FS report and the final diagnosis report.
With the second discrepancy (also resection material), reviewer 1 considered the DDISH as nonamplified with aneusomy of CHR12, whereas reviewers 2 and 3 identified the material as amplified with aneusomy of CHR12; the corresponding FISH was amplified and the final diagnosis was that of an ALT/WDL.
Thus a final diagnosis of lepromatous leprosy with localised Type 2 reaction was made.
The current study was planned to correlate the results of frozen section and the final diagnosis on paraffin sections in gynaecological neoplasms in order to document the efficacy of intra-operative frozen section.
In this study, 58 patients with "sinus" headache were evaluated, with final diagnosis of migraine in 40 patients (69%), tension-type headache in 16 patients (27%), and chronic sinusitis with recurrent acute episodes in 2 patients (3%).
We still experience delays in getting appointments to see specialists and the necessary tests requested by them to reach a final diagnosis.
Both stand firmly on their own podium to exercise their sincere efforts to analyze their investigations; their results are very much mandatory in 'accurate final diagnosis and proper management plan' of all patients.
2%) cases trephine biopsy sections or touch imprints were found to be necessary in for making final diagnosis.