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Although crush artifacts were observed more often in biopsies obtained by the 1-needle technique for this quality assessment (moderate disruption was 5 times more common with the 1-needle technique), no effect on final diagnosis was found in any case.
The final diagnosis of the SJCRH pathologist was compared with that of the referring pathologists, and the frequencies of concordance and disagreement were recorded.
Besides, all counter-measures in Ak-Suu district were begun even before the detection of the final diagnosis," she said.
This decision tree can be used to screen for depression, but not to reach a final diagnosis," Jenny says.
Eventually, one path of inquiry is discerned from another and leads to the possible illness -- the differential diagnosis (competing ideas of what might be wrong) -- and hopefully a final diagnosis.
He then attended several hospital appointments, before receiving a final diagnosis.
Diagnosis given at the evaluation of conventional MR sequences, multimodal MRI and final diagnosis of the whole study population No.
While a right aortic arch was not the final diagnosis, the addition of a vascular anomaly to the differential diagnosis prompted additional diagnostic workup.
Federal law requires health plans to cover visits to emergency departments based on an average person's belief that she or he may be suffering a medical emergency based on the person's symptoms, not the final diagnosis.
As you are taking a history, and while reading the instructions, you should constantly be ruling out certain conditions, until you reach your final diagnosis.
The Circuit Court entered judgment on the verdict, and tile court of appeals affirmed the judgment PIC presented the issue as follows: Is there a bright-line rule that once a physician makes a non-negligent final diagnosis there is no duty to inform the patient of about diagnostic tests For conditions unrelated to the condition that was included in the final diagnosis?
Indeed, that was the final diagnosis for our patient.