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The direct effect of decreasing the foreign pollution tax will be a reduction in the price that the industrial consumers pays for the intermediate input ([mathematical expression not reproducible]), to produce the non-numeraire final good.
If we allow for trade in final goods, a decline in [lambda] also generates an export-market competition effect, which is another source of job creation: as more firms begin to offshore and their marginal costs decline, some of them become competitive in the foreign market and begin to export, which then translates into more domestic jobs (see Groizard, Ranjan, and Rodriguez-Lopez, 2013 for an extension in this direction).
However, firms (firms in the final good and those in the R&D market) benefit from social capital, which follows the notion of bridging in the same article.
The cost increase to the domestic downstream firm also affects imports of the energy-intensive final good, given by d[x.
The economy consists of three types of goods: a final good Y that is used for consumption only, and two types of continuum intermediate goods [x.
Similar to Zhou (2004, 2009), to produce each final good, there is a continuum of technologies indexed by a number n.
For any firm under study, the final good is always an output (y [greater than or equal to] 0), and the primary factors are always inputs (x [less than or equal to] 0).
Add to that the weight of history that comes with it being the final Good Friday derby at Knowsley Road, and we can expect a game full of fireworks.
We assume that we have a large number of households seeking to maximize their stream of current and expected future utility, which depends positively on their consumption of a single final good and negatively on the number of hours they work for the production of intermediate goods.
Final good producers use a composite of intermediate goods and three types of labour--(low-, medium-and high skilled).
i], i [member of] [0, 1], which are used by a single representative firm to produce a final good y.
In each country, a single final good is produced by a representative competitive firm that uses intermediate goods in the production process.