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Only 7 percent of women who were not given financial incentives were able to do so.
9 kg/m2, were assigned to one of four weight loss groups: two with financial incentives and two without.
We also performed analyses comparing the perceived influence of the financial incentive on oneself and others according to whether participants were offered the incentive (Arms B and C) or not (Arm A) (Table 3).
The BVRA says that the best solution to the problem would be to give financial incentives to motorists to trade up to a newer vehicle with lower emissions even if it is not brand new.
Significantly more individuals in the financial incentive group than in the control group enrolled in (15% vs.
Interestingly, some individuals are offended at the idea of their family benefiting from the sale of their organs, however, they favor being able to receive the financial incentive themselves for a family member's organs.
For-profit HMOs that reduced health care costs for businesses reaped unprecedented dividends for their investors and had little financial incentive to maintain quality.
Recognizing the potential importance of financial incentives to work as part of the route to self-sufficiency, several welfare jurisdictions in the United States and Canada are testing financial incentive programs.
Determine whether employees have a financial incentive to ask that their prescriptions be filled with generic drugs and to take their prescriptions as directed.
The financial incentive in the form of a $10,000 tax credit or premium free insurance policy to be received by the designated beneficiary upon the successful transplantation of the donor's organs, is designed to get millions of citizens to sign a donor card, tax return or driver's license application.

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