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In addition to a sexual orientation--inclusive nondiscrimination policy and domestic-partner benefits equal to those offered to married couples--including financial assistance for adoptions--Merrill Lynch has openly gay employees at some of the highest levels of management.
The taxpayer further contended that the branching rights had an FMV basis because they were FSLIC-provided Federal financial assistance under Sec.
The benefits for work-study participants are twofold: students receive financial assistance as well as real-life work experiences.
* performing a single or organization-wide audit of an entity that receives governmental financial assistance, that is, an audit of a recipient's financial statements and its compliance with laws and regulations relating to governmental financial assistance.
Amounting to PHP1 million, the financial assistance will go to the 1,025 families or 2,968 individuals affected by the 5.9 magnitude earthquake that hit the town on July 27.
She also said that the Ministry has been effectively providing financial assistance to victims of human rights violations for Diyat, Arsh and Daman in the form of Human Rights Relief and Revolving funds.
More college students apply for financial assistance !-- -- Janvic Mateo (The Philippine Star) - May 2, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) has noted an increase in the number of college students applying for financial assistance programs.
Summary: Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) [India], Mar 4 (ANI): A minister of the newly-elected Congress government in Madhya Pradesh has sparked a major controversy by terming that the financial assistance by Chief Minister Kamal Nath for marriage of daughters of small cultivators "could be used for making drinking arrangements for the guests."
Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Pinol said on Thursday that the agency has earmarked some P3.7 billion this year in financial assistance to to farmers affected by calamities, particularly Tropical Depression 'Usman.'
In this regard Metropolitan Commissioner Dr Saifur Rehman, in a letter, has demanded financial assistance of Rs200mn from secretary local government and secretary finance.
Rawalpindi -- The last date to submit applications is October, 15 for the financial assistance program offered by the Agency for Barani Areas Development (ABAD) Punjab to the farmers particularly of Barani area for the construction of mini dam, water ponds and water storage tanks.

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