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Internationally, New York, London, Hong Kong, and Singapore remained the four leading global financial centres, the report added.
Yousuf Al-Jaidah, Deputy CEO of the QFC Authority, said, "The QFC is delighted that Qatar has again been recognised as a leading financial centre in the GCC, ranked within the top 20 financial centres from around the world- Qatar's ranking and rise in ratings reflects how well the economy is performing in an unstable global economy.
Qatar's rating rose by 15 points, mainly driven by its increasing competitiveness and perceived significance as a financial centre.
I think by many measures London is still leading financial centres in the world.
Moscow is attempting to set up its own financial centre and DIFC chief executive Abdullah Al Awar has offered his assistance, saying such an institution based in Moscow would be a welcome addition to other financial centres.
Qatar Financial Centre leads on percentage growth and Dubai International Financial Centre continues its strong performance in absolute growth numbers.
Qatar Financial Centre Authority and Luxembourg for Finance, the agency for the development of Luxembourg as a financial centre, held a joint seminar to explore how further to advance their partnership for financial services.
Dubai was also cited by the survey as being the number one among financial centres to "become significantly more important over the next two to three years.
com/reports/c20364) has announced the addition of International Financial Centres Yearbook 2005 / 06 to their offering.

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