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Innovation In 2016 and 2017, Norway conducted an analysis of today's work processes and organization of financing activities focusing on efficiency and customer satisfaction.
The ministry's decision will allow factoring within the permitted financing activities for operating companies, similar to securitization and financial leasing activity, to allow traders in factoring the same access to accounting and tax benefits.
In 2013, revenues from the financing activities of BEH stood at BGN 480.
Apart from financing activities, we will also look at fund raising opportunities in the region," he said.
7 per cent increase in net interest income and income from financing activities.
Consistent with the objective of providing uniform guidance, lending and financing activities of insurance companies are included in the scope of this SOP.
Net cash provided by financing activities (borrowings, stock issuance, dividends paid, etc.
31) A different definition of significant financing activities applies if the IE is performing financing activities with respect to leases and licensees.
The increase in net operating income is mainly due to the increase in net interest income and income from financing activities of QAR 548.