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The company will collaborate on financing activities that are conducted within China.
Financing activities have now reached QR110bn, having grown 13.6% and 11.7%, compared to that in June and December 2016 respectively.
Financing activities have now reached QAR 110 billion having grown by 13.6 per cent compared to June 2016 and 11.7 per cent increase compared to December 2016.
In 2013, revenues from the financing activities of BEH stood at BGN 480.8 M.
The loan will facilitate the launch of the National Fund of Inclusive Financing Activities (FNFI), established in January 2014.
It began with financing Indian firms that are already their clients and eventually extended financing activities to companies irrespective of their ownership or country of origin.
* Limiting the GSEs financing activities to loans that only provide new liquidity (versus the purchase of seasoned loans or loan pools), loans that can be securitized or loans for underserved market segments.
He pointed out that training, marketing and settlement of technologies are top priorities of the new Corporation which , he explained, would begin its financing activities in the first stage, in Khartoum and Gezira States with a plan to cover the other states within 4 years.
The initiative aims at enhancing Sanad's integrated spares financing activities in collaboration with ADAT and SR Technics, Mubadala Aerospace's Global Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Network.
Muscat: Shu Capital announced on Wednesday that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Gulf Finance Corporation, a leading UAE-based boutique finance company focused on the needs of Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), has engaged with the UAE central bank for a licence to establish an Islamic window for some of its financing activities. Gulf Finance plans to submit the necessary applications in the first quarter of 2013 with a view to being market-ready in the spring of 2013.
Selznick is responsible for all portfolio financing activities and strategic initiatives with active involvement in structuring transactions and implementing value-add enhancements to portfolios.
This included equity and debt financing activities in the financial markets, capital planning and structure, interest rate and foreign exchange rate risk management, global credit and collections and retirement plan investments.