finder of fact

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fact finder (finder of fact)

n. in a trial of a lawsuit or criminal prosecution, the jury or judge (if there is no jury) who decides if facts have been proven. Occasionally a judge may appoint a "special master" to investigate and report on the existence of certain facts. (See: question of fact)

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Moreover, the Court is not persuaded that these terms have plain and ordinary meanings which would be apparent to the laypeople who will act as finders of fact in this dispute.
Whereas, your judge, in your case, as well as judges generally everywhere in America, will instruct the jury to be finders of fact only, there is no way, other than persuasion, to enforce this debatable rule.
Juries, after all, are the finders of fact in our system, but it also is true that her charges and those of the other victims implicated some very powerful figures.