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Fine needle aspiration of lymph node (s) was done and the smears were stained with routine cytological stains and special stains wherever needed.
Key words: Fine needle aspiration cytology; Breast; Tumors; Histopathology
Key Words: Fine needle aspiration cytology, Supravital stain, Breast, Thyroid, Lymph nodes, salivary glands.
Material and Methods: All cases diagnosed as breast cancer (C 5) or suspicious of breast cancer (C 4), on Fine needle aspiration cytology, were included in the study and women already taking treatment were excluded.
Early microscopy: history of fine needle aspiration (FNA) with particular reference to goitres.
Diagnostic value of lymph node fine needle aspiration cytology: an institutional experience of 387 cases observed over a 5-year period.
Diagnostic performance of thyroglobulin value in indeterminate range in fine needle aspiration washout fluid from lymph nodes of thyroid cancer.
Results: Out of 85 cases, granulomatous changes were seen in 35 cases on fine needle aspiration diagnosis made prior to surgery.
Fine needle aspiration (FNA) is a commonly used, rapid, and minimally invasive procedure (2).
Minimally-invasive procedures could obtain cell samples only through fine needle aspiration.
and Hospital) provide a valuable tool for cytologists learning and honing their skills in fine needle aspiration of the thyroid.