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Carkhana offers premium car covers from the renowned brand Fingo for all body sizes.
Kabira will enable FinGO to optimize the integration of various complex real-time data feeds," said Frederic Thuard, CEO of FinGO.
Created in October 1999, FinGO is a mobile Internet start-up based in Pessac (Gironde-France).
The highly affordable range starts at INR 699 for a Fingo soft Premium tissue box and averages around INR 1000 for most car interior and accessory products.
About Fingo (Amritras India): Incorporated in 1983, Amritras India today is a leading name in Automotive Accessory products throughout the country.
Michelstaedter's pun would be enough to measure the distance between La Persuasione e la Rettorica and Prezzolini: "ma se pensare vuol dire agitare concetti, che appena per questa attivita devono divenire conoscenza: io sono sempre vuoto nel presente e la cura del futuro dove io fingo il mio scopo mi toglie tutto il mio essere" (61).
Il che, poi, si spiega bene nell'ambito della poetica metastasiana, quella formulata nel sonetto "Sogni e favole fingo," (18) ma ancora meglio, forse, nelle parole di Artaserse:
28 /PRNewswire/ -- Environmental Elements Corporation (NYSE: EEC) announced today the signing of two long-term licenses for electrostatic precipitator technology with SF Cleanair of Mikkeli, Finland and Fingo Limited of Semibratovo, Russia.
The agreement with Fingo Limited also includes Fingo Engineering, a privately held engineering company in Moscow which provides engineering services to both SF Cleanair and Fingo Limited.
It was maintained in part by taxes collected from the Fingos, which was two shillings and six pence for 'each man'.
Big G had excellent new product performance from Berry Berry Kix and Multi-Grain Cheerios, and recently introduced Ripple Crisp and Fingos.