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In the past virus writers may have set links in the e-mail to Web servers under their control, but these were static IP addresses of a finite number that could be promptly taken down, once their identity was known.
Football seems to be the perfect fit for this format - on weekends, for a finite number of games.
There are only a finite number of archaeological sites holding information about prehistoric life; no more will ever exist.
Until now, it has been difficult to assess the effectiveness of e-mail monitoring because most services will only track a finite number of ISPs," said Michael Pridemore, CEO with Socketware.
But a Hungarian mathematician has now proved that it is theoretically possible to cut a circle into a finite number of pieces and rearrange them into a square.
With a finite number of companies to insure and thus a finite pool of premium, these conditions create a competitive environment that is counterintuitive, given the industry's losses.
But payload specialists represent competition with the astronauts for a finite number of flight opportunities.
The company utilizes a multidivisional sales approach within each of these subsidiaries to create and fulfill demand for a finite number of non-competing supplier partners.
The deposit has to be more than a storehouse of a finite number of samples," he says, adding that if the stored specimen is not self-replicating it won't be particularly useful to anybody.
58), he showed that if there are any solutions to Fermat's equations, then there are only a finite number of them for each value of n.
Using laboratory techniques that predated much of today's bag of genetic engineering tricks, Hood, Leder and Tonegawa independently determined in the 1970s how the immune system can make antibodies to all the foreign substances (antigens) that one encounters in life--despite having inherited a finite number of genes coding for antibody production.
Insight Memec creates and fulfills demand for a finite number of mutually exclusive supplier partners and uses a specialized team of field application engineers to help design their suppliers' proprietary semiconductors into new OEM products.