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So subjunctives do not even show morphological differentiation of preterite/non-preterite by tense harmony (as envisaged initially in [section] 1 in relation to (2); subjunctives lack the morphological tense associated with finites entirely.
We are faced, then, unless some other analysis still is appropriate, with a choice between an account in which "nominative" subjects are not restricted to finite clauses and one in which such a restriction (of "nominative" subjects to finites) is maintained at the cost of invoking yet another non-overt element.
The English subjunctive is a verbal form that, unlike the indicative, can neither itself incorporate finiteness (as in She left) nor depend on an independent finite predicator, unlike the non-finites in (23) and (25).
Of course, this does not mean that finite predications are excluded from subordinate clauses, merely that they are not limited to them.
The subjunctives do not contrast in tense; neither of them participates in the morphological contrast in semantic tense found in finite forms.
To overcome the problems a number of approaches have been proposed under the finite element procedures (Bathe, 1996; Belytschko & Dolbow, 1999.
The interest for finite volume (FV) application to the structural analysis problems involving incompressible materials has grown recently (Wheel, 1999).
In this paper, a finite volume based (displacement/pressure) formulation, which is valid for linear elastic compressible as well as fully incompressible solid, is presented.
The FV method results are compared with the finite element solution.
General Methodology: Finite difference, multi-variable response surface and a CFD-based method.
Software Features: Heat transfer is calculated through the finite difference method, and simultaneous volumetric calculations also are performed to track the formation of macroporosity during solidification.
Updates and an online user group can be found through Finite Solutions' website.