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ORNAMENT. An embellishment. In questions arising as to which of two things is to be considered as principal or accessory, it is the rule, that an ornament shall be considered as an accessory. Vide Accessory; Principal.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Fioritura pattern Very rapid and subtle adjustments needed (rapid narrow pitch between TA and CT, in conjunction with changes) subglottic pressure adjustments; consistent function of extrinsic muscles needed for maintaining a stable laryngeal position Sostenuto pattern Requires coordinated extrinsic muscle function for stable laryngeal position, especially at high dynamic levels.
A pesar de la fioritura discursiva de Bovallius sobre el logro de la intimidad, dudo seriamente de que llegase a tener el nivel de conocimiento de Pittier y, con seguridad, jamas se acerco a la ortodoxia del trabajo de campo propuesto por Malinowski.
La fioritura dei comuni in Italia comporto un'espansione dei ceti delle manovalanze, degli artigiani, dei commercianti, insomma di un ceto medio che viveva del lavoro manuale.
Voltolina, "Fioritura di fitoplancton nella laguna veneta," Societa Veneta Di Scienze Naturali--Lavori, vol.
One of the most impressive of these arias was sung by Esen Demirci, in the role of Irene, the princess of Trabzon, whose death-defying fioritura in the first act was an effective rant about her situation as a promised bride to Tamerlano.
It is also ironic that only as Gilda is about to die does she have her first fully articulated melody in the opera, a melody that neither shadows her father's line as in their first duet, "Deh non parla al misero," nor elaborates fioritura gestures around the Duke's fictitious name in her aria "Caro nome." But the melody, as a leave-taking of this world and a preview of heaven, also connects back to Rigoletto's description of her mother in their first duet.