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The Fire Ball is something that we knew a lot of people would be looking forward to.
Makers KMG has ordered the 43 Fire Ball rides around the world to be closed pending a probe.
Flames engulfed the road as the HGV carrying Nestle Lion bars erupted in a fire ball.
Vehicles, turned into a fire ball, were put off fire brigade teams arrived at the scene following the incident.
177 air pistol designed to fire ball bearings tucked in his waistband.
The speed, force, intensity and the shock and awe of the resultant fire ball, has left an impact on us all, and I am sure that everyone has learnt some valuable lessons about fire prevention and what to do in the event of a real fire.
It was like a huge red fire ball that just kept getting brighter and brighter.
Real MP5s are used by crack police marksmen but the imitation could only fire ball bearings.
Shabir Hussain (29) and Mohammed Shabir (31) used basements at their homes as weapons factories where they converted the guns so they could be used to fire ball bearings, Birmingham Crown Court heard.