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At the conclusion, each trader was asked: Can trading techniques assist combat decisionmaking when digital data and fire missions are rapidly received?
The difference is that usually air strikes are planned well in advance, while artillery fire missions tend to be carried out in support of the ground manoeuvre, mostly to provide immediate support to troops that came into contact with the enemy.
Enabling troops to quickly set up, execute a fire mission, and then move away from their launch site reduces the risk of a counterattack, Colvin said.
These fire missions are more nuanced and complex than the weapon system, ammunition, and distance from friendly forces that determines if a fire mission is danger close.
Now that the howitzer was ready for a fire mission, the FDC team had to get a target from the forward observers.
The eardrum-shattering report of the Paladin rings out as the battery runs through one such registration fire mission.
Easy-to-understand graphic display pages and plain text messages coordinate the fire mission.
From the move it can receive a fire mission, compute firing data, select and take up firing positions, automatically unlock and point its cannon, fire and move quickly, day or night.
Total quantity or scope: Mission roadworthiness type l, s, the P1, HAND and TH; complete mission of safety and health; fire mission corresponding to the NFS standard in December 2008, completed and full mission scheduling, management and coordination security.
The COLT, in conjunction with the troop fire support officer, had to consider the effects that indirect fires could have on the nearby town before the fire mission could be cleared.
It processes fire mission and other related information to coordinate and optimize the use of fire support assets, such as mortars, field artillery, cannon, missile, attack helicopters, air support and naval gunfire.
The HIMARS consists of a carrier, a fire control system that computes all fire mission data and a launcher-loader module.