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Tenders are invited for Purchase of design (including budget estimates) and survey works for the project "Modernization of the fire water supply system for the garage of the transport group of the MTTS of Beltelecom, located at: Smoljevicy, Smoljevicy, Minsk region, Smoljevicy str.
Water and wastewater utilities at the facility include wells, fire water systems, cold lime softener, cooling water, boiler feedwater makeup system, wastewater treatment and a polishing pond.
the works are earthworks with installation of a fire water tank.
A new application of the PSX technology, which uses a custom-modified silicone intermediate, is a polysiloxane-phenolic resin pipe for fire water systems in marine and offshore environments.
Limited Tenders are invited for Kurnool lpg plant - procurement for replacement of fire water line connected to fire water tanks