Firm Offer

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Firm Offer

A definite and binding proposal, in writing, to enter into a contractual agreement.

A firm offer generally states that it will remain open for a certain set time period during which it is incapable of being revoked.

Firm offers are frequently made by merchants who wish to buy or sell goods and are governed by the Uniform Commercial Code.

firm offer

n. in contract law, an offer (usually in writing) which states it may not be withdrawn, revoked or amended for a specific period of time. If the offer is accepted without a change during that period, there is a firm, enforceable contract. (See: contract, offer, acceptance)

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We have not had any firm offers for Charlie and he is still a QPR player.
If you have met and exceeded the conditions of your firm offer you should be able to register for Adjustment, which enables you to contact other universities, which may normally require higher grades, to see if they are prepared to accept you.
If you have met the Conditional Firm offer, but in the meantime have had a change of heart and would prefer to go to the insurance offer university, then you need to ask to be released from your firm offer.
If it does receive a firm offer from someone else, then Vale will be allowed to match (or) better that, at which time the July 22 meeting may or may not need to be postponed," he added.
The transaction is expected to close on or around 31 December 2015, subject to customary regulatory consents and approvals, and acceptance of the firm offer by Gras Savoye's shareholders, which can only occur after consultation with Gras Savoye's workers' councils.
We are pleased with the level of interest so far, which has resulted in two firm offers being made.
15 February 2012 - British consumer electronics distributor Harvard International Plc (LON:HAR) said on Wednesday that its Chinese suitor Chengdu Geeya Technology Co Ltd has been allowed an extension until 14 March to make a firm offer for the company.
17 July 2013 - UK insurance broker Markerstudy Holdings Limited confirmed it had made an initial proposal to buy domestic peer Brightside Group plc (LON:BRT), but it would decide whether to make a firm offer after due diligence.
Meanwhile, Victoriaa[euro](tm)s board stands by its view that a sale would maximise shareholder value,A the companyA said, adding that a firm offer was not certain to surface.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 3, 2013-Royalty Pharma gets 10 May deadline to make firm offer for Elan(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
23 November 2011 - British consumer electronics distributor Harvard International (LON:HAR) on Wednesday said that its Chinese suitor Chengdu Geeya Technology Co Ltd had been granted an extension to 21 December 2011 to make a firm offer for the company.
3 If Firm Quote The Rate For Accountal Unit Other Than In Kilogram, Firm Offer Will Be Bypassed Without Asking Any Clarification.