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Kenneth Starr's First Among Equals makes a valuable contribution by showing the extent to which John Jay underestimated the role the Supreme Court would come to play in American life.
Basically, his book argues that times have changed, and Japan is destined to become "the first among equals," an accepted and respected partner of the United States in world affairs, and not a resented upstart which these days, dares to criticize the U.
His All Holiness, the first among equals from among the heads of the Eastern Orthodox Christian churches, will go first to the Black Sea city of Burgas.
Berbatov is often admired and lambasted in equal measure for his languid style, he believes it is United's winning mentality that makes them first among equals.
Now come on Rodders, first among equals, out with it, out with it.
3rd century: The monastic movement founded in Egypt by Pachomius was based on a horizontal system of shared authority with the abbot as first among equals.
First among equals, Katherine Wake achieved grade A in three A-level subjects and scored among the national top five marks for Biology.
Canon law stipulates that the dean of the College of Cardinals reside at the Vatican; he is considered first among equals within the college and performs mainly ceremonial tasks.
Since it was founded in 1963 by Balanchine protegee Barbara Weisberger, this ensemble has accorded Balanchine's works the rank of first among equals, and garners praise for its fine interpretations.
The federal structure reflects a careful allocation of power among the emirates, with Abu Dhabi as the first among equals in view of its vast wealth.
It is August: Guare, in Playwright shirt and bowtie, occupies most of a two-page spread as a heraldic first among equals, alongside an all-star list of artists whose portraits soon follow.
THE Centre has revived the proposal to appoint the Chief of Defence Staff ( CDS) -- a four- star general and first among equals -- to advise the government on matters concerning the three armed forces.

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