First Impression

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First Impression

The initial presentation to, or examination by, a court of a particular Question of Law.

A case is labeled of the first impression when it sets forth a completely original issue of law for decision by the court. Such a case cannot be decided by reliance on any existing precedent, law formulated in a prior case decided on a comparable question of law, or similar facts.

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first impression

adj. referring to a legal issue which has never been decided by an appeals court and, therefore, there is no precedent for the court to follow. To reach a decision the court must use analogies from prior rulings by appeals courts, refer to commentaries and articles by legal scholars, and its own logic. In such cases the trial judge usually asks for legal briefs by attorneys for both sides to assist him/her.

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References in classic literature ?
"Yes," Martin went on heartily, "I'm no more than a barbarian getting my first impressions of civilization.
Under these circumstances my first impression altered to a certain extent.
I gave you my first impressions of Paris, which quite came up to my expectations, much as I had heard and read about it.
He was glad no one asked him what first impressions are; they were all too busy looking their best.
After dinner we landed to enjoy all the delights produced by the first impressions of a new country, and that country the charming Tahiti.
First impressions at all times very much depend on one's previously acquired ideas.
"You may ask what you like," I cried, with a final reversal of all my first impressions of this impertinent old fellow; "but I'm hanged if I tell it you!
CALLUM COCKERILL-MOLLETT says he's determined to make a positive first impression on boss Darrell Clarke as he battles to earn a starting spot at Walsall.
EGARDLESS of industry or sector, the success of a business is often determined by one important moment: the first impression.
Aquino said the President made his 'first impression' because the amount of drugs seized by PDEA in their operations have been increasing.
Equally important in making a good first impression is a brand's name, slogan and story.
First impression is the last impression and the first impression depends on whether you are on time or not?