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Now Jacques Lachkar, formerly of Les Petits Bistros, purchased it and gave it his first name.
Once the naming debates were over, we also made a stylistic decision to use the first names of the young mothers on second reference.
In the control condition, six familiar first names (3 male and 3 female) were employed to create the electronic addresses but in each case, the first name employed was quite different from the first name of the target.
There are also 112 passionate people with the first name Honey
It has little to do with whether or not the individual would prefer to be called by her or his first name - it is quite simply that first names are used without invitation or instruction in many institutions such as care homes and hospitals.
Police say she was confused by the pair as they had called her by her first name.
Considering Americans' reputedly informal ways of addressing each other, it may seem surprising that these quotations can also be found in the 'completely revised' 1950 edition, and that, in the 1965 edition of this book, revised by the author's daughter-in-law, the same stance is taken, and even italicized: "It is in flagrant violation of good manners for children to call their natural parents by their first names.
Thinking about it, though, publishing first names will bring trainers into step with the jockeys, and it's probably a positive move.
Guards can still use first names but the ban on calling inmates by surnames over the public address system has been slammed as "daft".
It found that the group of bond-holders with the first name Rebecca produced a higher proportion of winners than any other groups of women or men with other first names.
There is a strong tendency for young children with peculiar first names to be more emotionally disturbed than those with common first names.
gov/genealogy/names yields 7 male and female two-letter first names having probabilities of at least 0.

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