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Seventeen percent said that they did not like banks using their first name when contacting them by phone, and almost 33 percent said that they resented getting unsolicited emails from companies which addressed them by first name.
Horse Racing Ireland has followed in the footsteps of the BHA, which made the move in March 2010, and 129 of Ireland's 164 jockeys have complied with the request and will have their first names revealed on the racecard.
The top five women's first names were Juliet, Susannah, Justine, Deirdre and Alexis, while for men, the five were Rupert, Julian, Piers, Giles and Justin.
Figlio (2004) provides a fascinating investigation of first names that uses data containing test scores, gifted status, and grade promotion information from a large Florida School District to analyze the effect of first names on these student outcomes.
Even some inmates say it is an infringement of their rights because a first name is too personal.
When people are baptised they are given a name other than their surname, so it's a pity you didn't give Kathy Staff the respect she deserved and used her first name instead of her surname.
Which classical composer had the first names Pyotr Ilyich?
They will even ask inmates if they're being called by their first names or not, and then report back to the management.
It is also sexist to refer to women by their first names only when you are referring to men by their last names.
The results are noteworthy because institutions vary in the extent to which the environment is conducive to the use of faculty members' first names among students.
I resent the implication made by Brian White in the debate, in which White supports the use of his first name by students but warns: "Perhaps a new, 22-year-old teacher, especially a female, should not have students use her first name.

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