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Nando's in Middlesbrough, which is looking for a first assistant manager IAN MCINTYRE
Travers as his senior first assistant district attorney.
As first assistant attorney general, Roy will act as the agency's chief operating officer, managing lawyers and other employees in the agency's daily affairs.
He congratulated First assistant Al Hosani and urged him to continue to perform and set an example to his colleagues.
Until both portions of the course are completed in their entirety, you may not bill for first assistant services.
I think in some ways the graphic novel was a victim of its time in how to express homosexuality," explains McTeigue, the Wachowski's first assistant director on the Matrix movies, now making his debut in the big chair with Vendetta.
They wrote and produced it but did not direct it, leaving that to James McTeigue, the first assistant director on all three ``Matrix'' movies.
My first assistant director, Sam Hoffman, brought a little video camera, and I worked out the shots for all the production numbers.
Mr Finnegan became Liverpool Council's first assistant executive director for media in 2003
Wendy Ord, who was the first assistant director on the shoot, kept a production diary and daily blog.
Frink is the first Assistant Secretary for Manufacturing & Services, serving as chief advocate for the U.

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