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1990: In the USSR, the Central Committee 1301: The first Prince of Wales was created.
If they do pick George - the 2/1 favourite which has taken 58% of all bets since the birth - he will be the first Prince George of Cambridge for more than 190 years.
The pressure seemingly eased when a boy was born to the family of the crown prince's younger brother in 2006, the first prince born to Japan's royal family in 40 years.
It was introduced by Alexander Battenberg, the first prince (Knyaz) of modern Bulgaria, after it became liberated from Ottoman rule.
First Prince Harry was photographed romping around in his birthday suit while on vacation in Las Vegas and now Kate Middleton was caught sunbathing topless by the French paparazzi.
The land is adjacent to Pen y Bryn Manor, which is believed to have once been the home of Llywelyn the Great and his grandson Llywelyn the Last, the first Prince of Wales.
This superb tiara was commissioned, possibly from the renowned jewelers Chaumet, by Guido Count von Henckel, First Prince von Donnersmarck for his second wife Princess Katharina (1862-1929).
The imposing figure of HRH Prince Sultan Bin Faisal Al Saud was minutes away from becoming the first prince to play in the Dubai Rugby Sevens before he sustained a torn ligament in the warmup for his Jeddah side's first match on Friday.
Charles now knows that he was not the first Prince of Wales to pick a wife who was treacherous and totally unsuitable.
When she finally had the first prince, Koichi Kido, then chief secretary to a high-ranking minister, wrote in his diary, "At last, the zealous hope of the citizens is fulfilled.
At first Prince Charles was pleased William and Tom were becoming friends but it soon became apparent William was being sucked into the wrong crowd.

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