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Presidents usually get substantial support from the public during their first year in office, known as the "honeymoon period" and marked by above-average job approval ratings.
Are perceptions of greater integration into a university community during one's first year related to retention?
In a second adjusted analysis, couples' risk of failing to conceive within the first year was elevated when women smoked heavily (relative risk, 3.
It is for this reason that Man Grant's Return to Glory: Tyrone Willingham's Amazing First Year at Notre Dame may be viewed with fitting significance.
3) no caption (book: ``The First Year HIV: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed'')
In fact, each year less than 10 percent of the entire student body is traditional 18-year-old first year students.
The first year credit may only amount to about $45 on a typical co-op unit bill of $2,000, but will rise to an abatement of around $200 for FY 1998 and around $350 for FY 1999.
What qualities does a management team of a venture backed company need to have to be successful in the first year after receiving venture capital funding?
Over time the original committee became committed to integrating information literacy into the first year writing course.
Them are two main results of the program--more first year teachers are let go and fewer teachers who are retained leave teaching.
Generally, relief is available under that procedure when (1) a corporation intends to be an S corporation; (2) the corporation and its shareholders reported their income consistent with S status for the tax year the S election should have been made and for every subsequent year; and (3) the corporation did not receive IRS notice about any problem with S status within six months of the date on which Form 1120S for the first year was timely filed.
Matt Kahn, a managing director with The Lexington Group, which advises clients in such areas as lease structuring and managing for cash flow, explains by example that a 10-year lease with $10,000 rent in the first year and fixed $100, or 1 percent, annual increases, would generally be considered a wise business arrangement.

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