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Under these circumstances, the $1,000 of S's accumulated E&P would not tier up to P in the first year and P's E&P would not be adjusted for changes in S's E&P in the first year.
In a second example, the tenant negotiates a 10-year lease but, as an inducement, pays no rent the first year. The tenant would pay rent of $10,000 in the second year and $100 more in each succeeding year.
The College, a University College of Higher Education in the North of England, has a high proportion of non-traditional students with 37% of the first year intake in 2000 being young entrants from skilled manual, partly skilled and unskilled social classes, and 26% from neighbourhoods designated as low participation in Higher Education (HEFCE, 2002).
As a composition instructor, Fox noted the lack of development in the ideas that many first year students expressed in their writing.
In response to the need for more time in the first year of teaching for project planning, candidates in the curriculum and instruction courses are designing and field testing content standards-based service learning activities that they can modify and use in their first years of teaching.
Increased understanding of the community, improvement of personal skills, and self-discovery are all intended outcomes of the first year, service-learning experience for students.
The prime minister has instructed the ministries and divisions to highlight five big achievements during the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government's first year in power by August 9.
Six out of the 10 men who have been elected President since World War II have had a job approval rating averaging at 60 percent or higher during their first year in office.
-- President Donald Trump's job approval rating averaged 38.4% during his first year in office -- slightly more than 10 percentage points lower than any other elected president's first-year average.
Lot 1: Rental and maintenance of flat linen Minimum amount for the first year = 8 000,00 euros HT Maximum amount for the first year = 25 000.00 euros hT Lot n o 2: Maintenance staff linen residents minimum amount for the first year = 8 500,00 euros hT maximum amount for the first year = 16 000,00 euros hT Lot n o 3: Rent and maintenance of professional clothing minimum amount for the first year = 3 000,00 euros hT maximum amount for the first year = 12 000,00 euros hT These minimum amounts and maximum is the same for the possible renewal periods
LAMMICO has also agreed to pay the component parish medical society dues for LSMS "First Year in Practice" physicians who become LAMMICO insureds.
Chen says his company will stress FYPE (first year premium equivalent) performance, rather than first-year premium revenues.

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