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They like being at a company where they can speak on a firstname basis to the people that run it.
The GP was taken to North Shields Police Station where he was placed into a police cell for two hours, before a custody officer, named in the document as Sgt Firstname Mackie, asked if he would accept a caution.
The smoking lounge is cozy, and patrons greet one another on a firstname basis.
article / artheader / authorlist / author / firstname = "Jennifer" and surname = "Widom"
Sadly, the fact William has served as a magistrate for 20 years and is on firstname terms with some of Britain's top police chiefs seems to have passed officials by.
org with the following as the body: subscribe veg-news firstname lastname.
edu Subscribe LM_NET firstname lastname Searchable archives: http://askeric.
A word of caution: make sure you save an up-to-date backup of the file as firstname.
Whilst the firstname dot surname at my company dot com is the industry standard for professional correspondence, outside of work, many people want to show off their personalities, and a unique email address is one way of doing this.
In most cases, the e-mail address of a House member follows this simple format: firstname.
In the message write: subscribe careertech Firstname Lastname.
net Subject: black Body of message: subscribe roadmap96 firstname lastname