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A deficiency, misappropriation, or defalcation; a minus balance; something wanting.

Deficit is commonly used to mean any kind of shortage, as in an account, a number, or a balance due. Deficit spending or financing involves taking in less money than the amount that is paid out.


Federal Budget.


n. a shortage, less than is due, or in the case of a business or government budget, more expenditures than income. Unbalanced budgets with a planned year-end deficit are prohibited at every level of government except the federal.


noun absence, arrears, balance to pay, dearth, default, deficiency, financial shortage, inadequacy, insufficiency, lack, loss, meagerness, omission, overdraft, paucity, scantiness, scarcity, shortage, shortness
See also: arrears, debt, decrement, deficiency, delinquency, due, insufficiency, need, poverty

DEFICIT. This Latin term signifies that something is wanting. It is used to express the deficiency which is discovered in the accounts of an accountant, or in the money in which he has received.

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6 per cent fiscal deficit target in 2016- 17 more difficult," Curry added.
Although the government has begun to cut back on expenditures, further cuts are likely to reduce the fiscal deficits.
The Indonesian central bank has said that it is not concerned about a higher fiscal deficit in the nation.
BEIRUT: Lebanon's B2 negative public finances will benefit from lower oil prices and higher revenues but remain vulnerable to domestic and external shocks amid political instability and insufficient policy action to curb the fiscal deficit, according to a report by Moody's Investors Service.
As a result, IMF staff projects that the government will run a fiscal deficit of around 20 per cent of GDP in 2015," said Tim Callen, team leader of the IMF Article IV consultation.
Asserting that fiscal deficit protects the economy, he said if the shock is not absorbed by the budget and by the currency (since it is pegged), then Qatar is left with only one shock absorber and that is the real economy.
He stressed during the Cabinet meeting held today the importance of reducing the fiscal deficit in the budget and increase the financial resources to other sectors and reduce unnecessary expenses in order to improve the financial situation taking place in the country due to low oil prices and access to a new stage to achieve integration and prosperity for its people, according to a statement by his office.
It is willing to give a long rope to the government on the fiscal deficit front because the government has inherited a weak economy from the previous government.
Discussing a long-term solution for the fiscal deficit problem, the report mentioned that real reforms are needed, which should include reduction in food and energy subsidies.
Chidambaram said the fiscal deficit would be contained at 4.
Citing an election year, the central government has been trying to bring down fiscal deficit, an indicator of government borrowing, from 4.