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POND. A body of stagnant water; a pool.
     2. Any one has a right to erect a fish pond; the fish in ii are considered as real estate, and pass to the heir and not to the executor. Ow. 20. See Pool; River; Water.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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According to details, the minor identified as Sadiqaan, 6, hailing from Tangwani village Janib Lashari was playing with other kids near her house when suddenly her feet were slipped and she fell into a fish pond and drowned.
The ACC issued a press statement which says the commission investigated the complaint and found that the accused had asked money from these licensees two times with amounts of 3.5 million kyats and 3.2 million kyats in March 2017 for 2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20 financial years while he was supervising the auction of these natural fish ponds in the township for extension of their licenses in his capacity as administrator of local area development.
Control Fish Pond: Sodium gives negative but highly significant regression on the increase in fish biomass, at step 1.
Likewise, the team found that Swati illegally constructed fish pond on 1.20 kanals of land,' it said.
"We have begun investigations and are looking at all angles so that we get the truth before we get the right suspect," OCPD Isaac Thuranira told the Nation.He said they were informed by the Sengera Mariba chief that a fish farmer in his area had found the body of a female being floating in his fish pond.
According to details, four minors including three baby girls and one minor boy identified as Bisma, of 04, Barkha, of 05, daughters of Saeed Ahmed, Humza, of 05, son of Muhammad Khan and baby girl Humaa, of 05, daughter of Nazeer Ahmed all of by caste Mangi drowned to death in a fish pond when according to reports one baby girl was drowning in fish pond when baby girl was taking the bath to beat the heath on the eve of celebration of Pakistan Day, on seeding such tragedy two baby girls and one boy tried their level best to rescue drowning baby girl but who also drowned into fish pond.
Tomas said fish ponds in three barangays - Awag, Mal-ong and Siapar - along the Caquiputan Channel were affected.
In its presence as Fish Pond Sealer, it keeps fish survival better.
QWHAT should I do if my fish pond freezes over this winter?
OUR EXPERT ANSWERS YOUR QUESTIONS QWHAT should I do if my fish pond freezes over this winter?
Highly significant differences were recorded for feed conversion ratios of stressed and control fish ponds. The feed conversion ratio of metals mixture stressed fish pond was lower (1:7.94) in comparison to the control fish pond, for which it was computed as 1:8.44.
The toddlers, found in a fish pond, were rushed to hospital by frantic medics, but were pronounced dead after arrival.