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POND. A body of stagnant water; a pool.
     2. Any one has a right to erect a fish pond; the fish in ii are considered as real estate, and pass to the heir and not to the executor. Ow. 20. See Pool; River; Water.

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Government should fund research in fish fry production and growth-promoting fish feed Because fry are needed to stock new fish ponds and quality feeds that will enhance growth Will be needed to feed the fishes.
Although the increased banana production is a result of pond-mud use, it was not incorporated during fish pond valuation.
The fish breeding potential includes breeding in fresh water (rivers, dams, lake and swamp lands) totaling 550,000 hectares, breeding in fish ponds 375,000 hectares and breeding in ricefields totaling 240,000 hectares.
A neighbour who had raised the alarm was told by the PC the hole was probably only going to be an ornamental fish pond - even though she already had one in the corner of her garden.
The central pool court is generous and opens welcomingly to the older house, though the procession along the verandah beside it is made gentle and memorable by relatively small details the gentle splashing of the fish pond to the left; the slight, honorific change of level before arriving at the living room.
To mask traffic sounds and use the slope to advantage, the Nooneys put in the gentle waterfalls and fish pond shown here.
There is a driveway, garage, lawned foregarden and a rear garden with patio, lawn and ornamental fish pond.
In an other incident, an student of fifth class Abdullah (9) S/o Manzoor Ahmed Pathan resident of Barkrani road Larkana drowned into fish pond.
Steeped in history it features lawns, perennial borders, a rose garden, lakeside walks and a fish pond.
It has front and rear gardens, with patio, fish pond and greenhouse, plus a double garage.