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In the Fish Schools each fish is represented by a point in the space and its velocity.
The volume density and community composition of zooplankton collected near and distant from fish schools were also observed.
For example, fish schools display complex emergent properties such as coordinated motion and directed activity.
Likewise, the model offers an explanation for how fish schools change their behaviors on the fly--for instance, if a predator suddenly appears.
Late fall sees the fish school up to run the shorelines.
These fish school at the Mayport jetties and move upriver toward the Dames Point Bridge.
The best action is around culverts, bridge pilings and undercut ledges, but at times these fish school and travel right down the middle of a canal.
After a decade of photographing fish schools, he turned from sea to sky, and flocks of birds have been his recent subject.
Fluids pervade complex systems at every scale, ranging from fish schools and flocking birds to bacterial colonies and nanoparticles for drug delivery.
We began to use the same tools that were used to determine the optimal configuration for fish schools to optimize the wind farm.
Their diet consists mainly of forage fish and they often work as a team to harvest fish schools.
In natural lakes, when I'm searching broad 15- to 30-foot soft-bottom flats, or along weededges, side-imaging with a Humminbird 1198c reveals prime habitat and fish schools with unparalleled accuracy and detail.