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Thresholds were initially set, based on the acoustic and morphological properties of small pelagic fish schools from other regions, to get a proper delimitation of the echo traces as reported in the literature (Reid, 2000; Petitgas et al., 2003; Zwolinski et al., 2007).
Jixin, "Artificial fish school algorithm-an optimization mode based on autonomous animal mode," System Engineering Theory and Practice, vol.
In this work it was choose to simulate an ecological system named Fish Schools (fish species movement simulation).
Given that significant concentrations of biomass occurred in this small portion of the Lancaster Sound region, we concluded that, in theory, sufficient biomass was sequestered in fish schools within the region to support energy flows through the food web.
At the Fish School, Leon Sepuka, a fresh seafood consultant from South Dartmouth, Mass., advised attendees to ask their suppliers where the fish they are getting comes from, and to have the supplier send a few whole fish with each order (even if it consists of fillets only).
Separation angle of fish in early life stages is a proxy of orderliness of a fish school (Masuda et al, 2003).
Table 1 Summary of fish school simulation parameters and output variables.
Why else do fish school? Another reason is that it's often easier to find food by schooling.
Tandem rigs can bring double trouble with two fish on at a time where these fish school up.
In a test off the coast of New Jersey, the new tool detected what may be the largest fish school ever recorded in one image, the researchers report in the Feb.
Since it is a hallmark of most humans not to stick out from their crowd, a surprisingly large number of behaviors and thought processes in people are defined no differently than they are in the fish school. This includes religion, music and movie taste, fashion, and choosing to love or hate some group or individual.