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On the ball: Stephen also manged a record-breaking 1,716 squats standing on a fitness ball in an hour.
You may also want to talk with a professional trainer about other exercises, such as those done with a large fitness ball, to help with your core muscles.
Chloe-Beth tucks into her mum's Sunday dinner every week (with extra vegetables and Yorkshire puddings because she's a vegetarian), would rather use her fitness ball than pound the streets in the rain after work, and refuses to keep weighing scales in her house.
Tai chi, working with a fitness ball, and doing abdominal crunches strengthen core muscles.
You will need a fitness ball, some trainers and, ideally, some hand weights (tin of beans will do).
Of course, you have to go out and buy a fitness ball first.
The '10 Minute Solutions' sets offer customization routines to 10-minute workouts to shape the body: FITNESS BALL WORKOUTS develops five such routines using the fitness ball to shape and tone; RAPID RESULTS PILATES focuses on toning buns, thighs, and more with a series of efficient workouts and stretches paired to body areas of concern, and FAT BLASTING DANCE MIX provides instructor Jennifer Galardi's professional dancing techniques and a load of personality and fun as it pairs dance routines to exercise.
During a typical session I start with stretching, then I exercise with weights and do around 40 sit-ups, press ups and steps - and I also use a fitness ball.
A larger fitness ball works, too, but a very large ball may be difficult for older or less flexible patients to use.
One simple exercise for wobbly beginners involves simply sitting on the fitness ball and lifting one foot off the floor.
Want to start using the fitness ball but don't know where to start?
DEVELOP your muscles, balance and co-ordination with this specially designed fitness ball.