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The PTB is to call for expressions of interest for the procurement of the integrated rolling stock for all five phases.
The project to construct cycling tracks and allied facilities will be undertaken in five phases and will be completed by 2020.
The five phases include determining the best way to handle investment, marketing the project, coming up with criteria for investors, selecting the best bidders and supervising the creation of artist's impressions.
This guide can be used on its own, or as part of a set of five books that walk through the five phases of the needs assessment process.
The initiative plans to treat 4,000 people over next five years in five phases.
Students currently enrolled in the Army Logistics Management College's (ALMC's)Associate Logistics Executive Development Course (ALEDC) have until December 2008 to complete all five phases of the current program before ALEDC becomes the Associate Theater Logistics (ATLog) Course.
announced financing for the Merrick Place Apartments, a garden style apartment complex in five phases.
a text that contains the primary principles of yin yang theory and the five phases.
The award means that all of PenAir's 57 mechanics have fulfilled the rigorous maintenance program accomplishing five phases of training and professional development.
From Yin/Yang theory, to the Five Phases of Energy, to the Natural Calendar, the Constellations, Heavenly and Earthly cycles, and much more, The Book of Changes and The Unchanging Truth explains ideas expressed by ancient scholars such as Confucius in plain terms.
Campus renovation would be done in five phases, replacing portable classrooms with 14 permanent rooms and adding an agricultural facility, a varsity softball complex and more parking.
Since 1996 JBIC has supported the previous five phases of the project.