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Within the five senses are held some of the most precious memories, which can transport us through time.
Mehmet Oz emphasizes the importance of a high quality passenger experience; "As a doctor who has dedicated his life to communicating the wonders of the human body to the world, I am thrilled to work with Turkish Airlines on their novel Five Senses project.
New Delhi [India], Nov 11 ( ANI ): The much awaited Asian Designer Week (ADW), Winter edition started off on a high note with a splendid show organised at the Garden of Five Senses, New Delhi.
Older people had worse function in all five senses, while men had worse hearing, smell, and taste, but better corrected vision than women.
All these five senses act as the input devices, which carry data to be processed in the brain.
Ways that will reignite our audiences' imag- ination, set free their creativity and satisfy their five senses once more.
I tried the sudoku but ended up singing XTC's "One, Two, Three, Four, Five Senses Working Overtime.
As everybody knows, there are only five senses, namely: sight, sound, smell, touch and taste-although some claim there is a sixth sense.
In this edition, Billy and his pals learn all about the five senses we use to experience the world around us.
Sharjah Heritage Days devises new activities annually and has this year introduced three villages; Five Senses, Children's Heritage, and Artisan.
All the items on show are inspired by the five senses and can be touched and explored to find out more about the materials used to make them.
She claims to be a 'dream-keeper' and she explains that our 'reality' is limited by our five senses and that there is a greater reality which the 'light' within us dimly remembers.