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The layoffs that started in the early 1990s were still happening, thousands of jobs were cut at high-profile companies: 10,000 at Eastman Kodak; 6,400 at Levi Strauss; 9,000 at Woolworth, which closed its five-and-dime stores.
WOOLWORTH'S: The company that pioneered the five-and-dime store more than a century ago admitted that nostalgia wasn't enough to keep the failing retail format going.
s announcement that it would shut all its 400 remaining five-and-dime stores nationwide and lay off 9,200 workers.
Woolworth was the last of the five-and-dime stores,'' said Kurt Barnard, a retail consultant and president of Barnard's Retail Marketing Report.
Last year, the five-and-dime stores in the United States reported an operating loss of $37 million and only accounted for $1 billion of Woolworth Corp.