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The global, flexible, polyurethane foam industry faces new challenges regarding flame retardants (FR) driven by increasing requirements from the automotive industry.
Therefore, non-halogenated flame retardants based on nitrogen, phosphorous or metal hydroxide gain importance, said Kathrin Lehmann from Evonik Nutrition & Care Business unit.
The most important sales markets for flame retardants are the construction industry and the electrics and electronics industry: Nearly 53 percent of global demand originated in these two segments.
Building & construction end-use industry to dominate the flame retardants market"
The new assessment is designed to aid the electronics industry to more efficiently factor human health and environmental considerations into decision-making when selecting flame retardants for PCBs.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 1, 2014-Albemarle to establish polymeric flame retardant manufacturing joint venture with ICL in 2015
Demand in the construction sector is high, with the majority of flame retardants being used in pipes and cables made from plastic in residential buildings.
Reactive brominated flame retardants include tetrabromobisphenol A (BA-59P) and tetrabromophthalic anhydride (PHT-4) for epoxies and unsaturated polyesters.
Washington, November 29( ANI ): Many home couches contain potentially toxic flame retardants, scientists have revealed.
Twenty-six international academics and researchers contribute ten chapters reporting research on flame retardants and their functions, properties and safety.
demand for flame retardants is projected to rise by 3% per year to 1.
With the development of halogen-free flame retardants worldwide in recent years, red phosphorus (RP) has been widely applied in many flame retarded polymers.