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It is a fundamental property of reacting mixtures and it serves as input in many CFD flamelet combustion codes, such as the ECFM-3Z.
Applying a flamelet approach in the way normaly used to simulate diffusion flames (namely relating species concentrations to a conserved scalar, e.
The flamelet modeling approach is not simply an autoignition model, but instead is a concept for modeling the overall combustion process of non-premixed reacting flows.
It is the only direct coupling between the turbulent flow field and the chemistry in CFD based flamelet combustion models.
This explains the reason why the most widely used approaches are the well-mixed and the Representative Interactive Flamelet (RIF) ones.
TRIF : tabulated representative interactive flamelet.
Comparison and Coupling of Homogeneous Reactor and Flamelet Library Soot Modeling Approaches for Diesel Combustion," SAE Technical Paper 2001-01-3684, 2001, doi:10.
In this work, a turbulent combustion model is developed for large eddy simulation (LES) using a novel flamelet tabulation technique based on the framework of the multi-flamelet representative interactive flamelet (RIF) model.
G] > [eta] so the flame must remain in the corrugated flamelet regime and only shifts towards a higher ratio L / [[delta].
These include, among others, the eddy break-up model [4], the Weller model [5] as well as the coherent flamelet models [6, 7].
In literature [58], [59], [60], [61], considerable effort has been put into increasing the dimensionality of flamelet models in order to account for more than one spray, i.
The flame is not continuous but is a series of discrete flamelets that are ignited on the hot remnant gases of prior flamelets, like passing on the baton in a relay race.