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Duckett explains, "A Flash application may be used for allowing visitors to configure their perfect car on a manufacturer's site.
INSIDE has been working closely with Interac Association on the creation of Interac Flash, a next-generation contactless payment enhancement for the Canadian marketplace, and developed the Interac Flash application running on the micropass[R] 6000 dual-interface platform.
Multidmedia have successfully pioneered several "firsts" in Flash Application Development.
Influxis Introduces Its Newest Flash Application That Enables Clients to Easily Create Their Own Online Broadcast Networks
New FLASH Application Gives Spore Players New Ways to Get Creative
5, Flash application executables can now be protected and packaged in the same way as standard Microsoft Windows[R] executables are.
Our iWARP RDMA and iSCSI offering delivers 'no compromise' efficiency for NVMe Fabrics and Flash applications," said Kianoosh Naghshineh, CEO of Chelsio.
For the mobile storage market, our key products are microcontrollers used in solid state storage devices such as SSDs, eMMCs and other embedded flash applications, as well as removable storage products.
These are sites with mini-games, including flash applications and simple online apps - one example is software that allows girls to dress and change the clothes of characters," Ondrej Vlcek, the firm's chief technical officer, told the BBC.
She will largely be involved in projects involving the company's Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard solution, as well as other Flash applications.
Beginning with instructions for capturing video and basic post-production functions such as compression and encoding the work provides step-by-step instructions for placing videos in web pages and integrating video into most major Flash applications including video players and banner advertisements.