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An HMI engine allows master Flash applications to manage secondary Flash applications (such as media player, picture viewer), while an HMI server provides a gateway to native OS services.
Astute Networks is the leading provider of Networked Flash application performance acceleration appliances.
INSIDE has been working closely with Interac Association on the creation of Interac Flash, a next-generation contactless payment enhancement for the Canadian marketplace, and developed the Interac Flash application running on the micropass[R] 6000 dual-interface platform.
Influxis Introduces Its Newest Flash Application That Enables Clients to Easily Create Their Own Online Broadcast Networks
Ltd is a Chinese DMS Company (Design, Module, Service) which focuses on NAND flash applications for software and hardware products.
The DIO5151 is a current-regulated charge pump ideal for powering high-brightness LEDs for camera flash applications.
managing user experience for Silverlight and Flash applications.
MicroProbe offers Apollo and Vx products for SoC grid-array applications and the QiLin product for SoC WLCSP (wafer-level chip-scale packaging) space while FormFactor provides products including Takumi for parametric applications, SmartMatrix and HFTAP for DRAM applications, and TouchMatrix for flash applications.
The focus is on making it possible to have better performing Flash applications with stricter static typing, type inference and types that are closer to the system hardware.
We are still also committed to developing native Flash applications on the PlayBook and we have introduced a number of these for our customers.
These are sites with mini-games, including flash applications and simple online apps - one example is software that allows girls to dress and change the clothes of characters," Ondrej Vlcek, the firm's chief technical officer, told the BBC.
Kindi, an international company that specialises in developing Flash applications security software solutions, on Tuesday announced the release of the beta version of SecureSWF v4, its latest product.