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4, 2018, incident in which he argues organizers of the vehicle show, the village of Oswego, and other agencies were negligent and failed to warn him of the "inherently dangerous" flash bangs during a "high-risk SWAT extraction" held at the show.
Then, as troops lobbed flash bangs - stun grenades used to confuse the enemy - a stray spark landed in her hair.
Neil has played Kipps before for Huddersfield Light Opera and both he and Gemma say their favourite number in the show is Flash Bang Wallop.
THURSDAY Bangor Theatr Gwynedd 'The Big Flash Bang' 100% Live Science!
The decline emerged as ministers promised to make science lessons more exciting, with more "flash bang" experiments in class.
This is a tense thriller which deals in emotion, pains and abuse rather than the flash bang spectacle of the average Hollywood movie.
The pavilion will play host to a range of activities including the everpopular Flash Bang Chemistry shows presented by Dr Robyn Wheldon-Williams and his team from Bangor's School of Chemistry.
The School of Chemistry will put on the daily Flash Bang show, while other exhibits include brain-teasers from the School of Psychology, food safety and sustainability activities from Natural Sciences, and a sea-life exhibit by the School of Ocean Sciences.
WHAT A HIT J The car ploughed through a barrier and into the base of the camera FLASH BANG WALLOP J Camera SHAKEN UP J Nick Cave with a police officer after the incident
"We want to ensure that lessons are lively for budding scientists, with more 'flash bang' excitement to bring these fascinating subjects to life.
Big numbers like Flash Bang Wallop were sung excellently but lacked sparkle with fairly static dance routines while the stage looked rather flat in the finale.
Look out for Flash Bang Wallop, If the Rain's Got to Fall and Half a Sixpence.