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Begin by adding color and art elements to spark interest, so that visitors will come back again and again (this doesn't necessarily mean Flash movies or Java Applets).
A Flash movie incorporating many of these images further contributed to the cult, which has exploded: This year, AYB made it into Lycos's Top 50 and stories about it appeared in mainstream media from Time magazine to USA Today and Fox News.
Various book covers are accessible via a delightful Flash movie option.
Organisations adopting the software tool can now publish a PowerPoint presentation as a Flash movie on a web site.
The course is delivered in an attractive Flash movie format.
KoolMoves automatically adds your Flash movie to an existing web page or creates the HTML and Javascript that you can paste in yourself.
This beginner's guide demonstrates how to create an animated Flash movie, add buttons running ActionScript, work with bitmaps and text, control characters with Action Script, import sound and video, morph with shape tweens, and use templates to create a quiz.
The Fable is a Flash movie that begins when the narrator says, "This is a wolf.
RoboDemo works by creating a Flash movie of any application in use or any on-screen activity that can then be played back as a demo or tutorial.
The company said: 'This worm posses as a Flash movie. When run, it sends itself to all recipients in the Windows Address Book and attempts to delete all .BMP, .COM, .DLL, .EXE, and .INI files in the WINDOWS and WINDOWS\SYSTEM directories.
Also on the list was the ProLin worm virus that poses as 'a great Shockwave Flash movie'.