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Among KoolMoves' many advanced features are Flash 5 action scripting, masking, import of Flash movies as objects, HTML dynamic text, import of vector clip art in many file formats, bones for character animation, non-linear morphing, transition effects, drop shadows, and easy to use preloaders.
The company said: 'This worm posses as a Flash movie.
Floor plans, location maps, flash movie photo galleries, and virtual tours permit prospective residents to envision apartment communities, unit interiors, amenities and then check availability and request to reserve a particular unit.
Allen, today's investment bankers expect corporate web sites to dazzle the investment community with a Flash movie that plays immediately when a browser goes to the corporate site.
Implementation of a Flash movie, providing an overview of the OmniPod Insulin Management System;
She provides conceptual background, project examples, and step-by-step instructions in discussing specific skills applied in chapter lessons on topics including distributing Flash movies, working with drawn objects and symbols, and analyzing ActionScript.
Flash movies and MP3 files can now be streamed from within Sites, and PDF files can be previewed at full resolution without additional plug-ins or software.
The clips can be viewed as Flash Movies over the Internet or downloaded for use on courses or in class rooms.
This tutorial shows how to use Adobe Captivate, which requires no coding or scripting skills, to create Adobe Flash movies, with step-by-step instructions illustrated by b&w screenshots on nearly every page.
Users can drop Flash movies into PDF files, for instance.
A series of Flash movies take the students through a trial and evidence about the topic.