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Ingram, "SNR estimation for a non-coherent M-FSK receiver in a slow flat fading environment," in Proc.
For flat fading channels without the effect of Doppler shift, the performance difference between OMP and MOMP is nearly invisible, which is shown in Figure 6.
In this paper classification of modulation techniques (FSK 2to64 PSK 2to64 PAM 2to64 and QAM 2to64) under the effect of AWGN channel Rayleigh Flat Fading channel and Rician Flat Fading channel is performed.
This essential textbook on the principles and applications of mobile radio is an all-encompassing current treatment of the area, addressing both the traditional elements, such as Rayleigh fading, BER in flat fading channels, and equalization, and more recently emerging topics like multi-user detection in CDMA systems, OFDM and smart antennas.
The bandwidth used in the DRM+ system, approximately 100KHz, is much smaller than the coherence bandwidth of the channels in typical urban environment that is in the order of 1MHz [4], which results in a severe flat fading condition.
Sample topics are Rayleigh fading, BER in flat fading channels, equalization, multi-user detection in CDMA systems, OFDM, and smart antennas.