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On the basis of region, the flat panel display market is segmented as Americas, Europe, APAC (excluding Japan), Japan (as a region) and MEA.
Bohlken Bai has a more avant-garde approach to the flat panel display.
Today's ATP award is expected to accelerate SIDT's patented diamond flat panel display technology toward commercial use.
McGee said that the state's investment in a company working on flat panel display technology is an investment in jobs for the present and future.
According to Photronics' market research, the demand for flat panel display masks is growing at a rate nearly three times as fast as the demand for semiconductor masks.
Innovative Solutions & Support's President, Roman Ptakowski, today said "the Company's Cockpit/IP is offered as a cost effective way to upgrade PC-12 avionics with a flat panel display system and obtain RVSM compliance at the same time.
1" Rugged Thin Client Flat Panel Display was selected by Lockheed Martin for its superior display performance characteristics, while being able to perform in severe military environments.
Two leaders in the aviation industry have set the stage for the rapid adoption of Flat Panel Display Systems in B-757 and B-767 airline fleets throughout the world.
to upgrade and retrofit B-767 cockpits with their Flat Panel Display Systems for both Primary Flight Control and Navigation Control information.
NASDAQ:ISSC) announced today that the Company in a teaming arrangement with ABX Air has received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certification (STC) of its Flat Panel Display System for use on B-767 aircraft.