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And so the original, primitive moment of universal truth, flickeringly there at Heidelberg, fades away into partisan bitterness.
Peter Falk and Jason Alexander are so very beguiling to watch, in fact, that for much of the evening they manage to distract us from the wispy nature of Lee Kalcheim's flickeringly thoughtful but dramatically amorphous play about society's obsession with technology, or, in a character's words, "the loss of the grandeur of man." This is a timely and perfectly worthy issue for a debate play.
The result of this projection, combined with other contrasts and antitheses underscored in "Rough Music" and in many Mitchell poems where people often seem less real than the objects and atmosphere surrounding them, is a day-for-night pentimento of texture, tone' and theme: while the inanimate world in these poems seems charged with numinousness, their people live flickeringly illusory--if not Dantean -- half-lives; they are spirits sparked into momentary existence by the over-aestheticized sensibilities of their creators.