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These words aptly exemplify the character of Flight Nurse Tiffany Urresti who, during the performance of her duties, perished on 18 November, 2016.
I usually deployed as part of a five member aeromedical evacuation medical crew composed of two aeromedical flight nurses and three medical technicians.
Jeff loved the constant up and down of working as a flight nurse so much; he applied to join Cincinnati Children's transport team when he returned from his second trip to Iraq.
In addition, because Army nurses are regularly involved in direct patient care, the skills and knowledge needed by a flight nurse are more easily sustainable than those required of a paramedic-trained flight medic.
There were nights when I, and many other flight nurses, would cry ourselves to sleep.
We had a great staff, which included a civilian dentist, physical therapist, flight nurse, radiology technician, laboratory technician, administrative nurse, physician assistant, emergency room physician, family practice physician, and logistician.
chief flight nurse for LifeFlight's base in Lebanon, Tenn.
Jerry Turner, RN, Flight Nurse Specialist, EagleMed
13 The cardboard box contains a "general flight nurse pack", which includes a heart monitor and a defibrillator.
Flight Nurse Warren MacLean has been with ANB AirCare (formerly NB AirCare) since its inception in 1996.
During World War II, Malinoski served as a flight nurse in the U.
That case was brought by Major Margaret Witt, an Air Force combat flight nurse who claimed that her discharge from the service for being a lesbian violated her constitutional rights to equal protection and due process.